1961-12 Co-existence of Canvases

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Part II in Los Angeles Times, Friday, Dec. 15, 1961

By Henry J. Seldis

Jarvaise Strives for Form, Content Balance

James Jar vaise has Turned to the figure from his preoccupation with semi-abstract landscapes. While he retains his vigor of palette and expressive brushstrokes, too many of the human images here seem too familiar, too close to the Bay Area figurative school. But the best of these paintings have a greater plasticity and more immediate power than those by Bischoff, Wanner, etc.

As Jarvaise involves himself further with this sort of imagery he may well gil beyond the painters Oil whose work he modeled much of the present show. 'fo my eye the very best canvas in the exhibition is "Still Life and Landscape," while the most sweeping and most characteristically Jarva.ise convases here are two titled "Man is Surf" and "Man on Hill." It is encouraging to find a young artist attempting to create a workable balance between Form and content