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Line, Form and Texture Mark New Jarvaise Work

Lovely color is What I mainly remember of paintings in previous Showings by James Jarvaise Los Angeles artist. During 1956 he has evidently concentrated his attack on other pictorial elements - line, form and texture, giving color their substantial backing. His new work, consisting of collage drawings and paintings, is at the Landau.. Gallery, .702 N La Cienega Blvd., to Feb. 16.

It strikes me as a step forward in achieving sharper definition of formal ideas. Collage-a combination of pasted areas with painting_ began .as an exercise in abs. tract designing. In this time of free-form design it has become 'a serious way of picture making. The accidental shapes and varying Textures of torn or cut newsprint, colored paper or textile challenge ' the brush' to resolve their differences. GIVE PLEASURE As with most abstract art verbal descriptions are meaningless. What matters is do these collages give 'pleasure through your eyes?'

They do for me.