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by Gerald Nordland, Mirror Art Critic

James Jarvaise is showing his recent paintings at the Felix Landau Gallery. Last year the painters ‘Hudson River Series’ seem to dry up and up painting mostly a landscape turned into a landscape with emerging figure. Since that time Jarvaise has been trying to find out what figure meant he, and has assiduously explored the figure it's landscape surroundings and the interiors which open onto it.

A pair of good size walls are devoted to large numbers of small oils with document which document this exploration. The end product of the search and Jarvaise's new figuration is fresh and new. The handling of the figures is legend and quite exquisite. The extraordinary color is on relieved the form that seems largely drive the striking forms on the canvas

'WOMAN WITH VIEW ' SEA'-Is 011" of the recent paintings
by James Jarvaise, on view at the Felix Landau Gallery, Most
of the canvases reflect his preoccupation with man and nature
and are at once fluid' and static.