1974-05 Art Walk

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A Critical Guide to the GALLERIES

Los Angeles Times, Friday, May 3, 1974

By Henry J. Seldis and William Wilson


1974-05 Art Walk American Abstract Expressionists

James Jarvaise long overdue return to the local exhibition scene finds him preoccupied with often essentially mono chromatic expanses of which motives are developed in an absurdly assuredly contemporary an individualistic way that nevertheless evokes have an ancient decorative patterns. A peculiarly rich or attached to these paintings brushed by the artist in the oils, and animals and wax resist on acrylic ground.

Always a separate colorist Jarvaise now takes on the challenge of black, white and gray through many of these works contain my new areas of red, white and blue. Much as I like the large, authoritative works and their essential sobriety. I was even more intrigued by a small, lyrical group of watercolors dealing abstractly with observations of nature. It is here that Jarvaise is essential poetry is Germinal.

Showing at Ruth Schaffner Gallery, 8406 Melrose Ave. through May 18.