1964-02 Art Forum

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Friday, February 28. 1964

Originality in Art, as in Music, literature or related arts is the quality having to do with the not copied; the fresh; the novel. It together with an inner spark Nunez true creative talent combined to produce a work of art that serves as a steppingstone in the evolution of man's expression through experience. Originality and an artist productivity must also be constant. That is to say that in viewing 20 or 30 works by a given artist I consistency and level of a in the level of achievement must be followed from peace to peace. Brainwashing through our trends critic and public opinion and political pressure should play no part in the creating of campus or sculpture.

Truth in art whether pleasing or jarring is the banner of the artist. For the viewer often times this presents an honest confusion. He has exposed yearly to normal this exhibitions throughout the city. He is told that this or that group working in the same vein are the only geniuses of the day. He was told that this and that artist is to be collected because he has an investment potential.

In all cases he is told to think do you or feel and there is little room for allowing the self to respond like a child would do when visiting the first aquarium. The key to collecting is like the key to original creative painting both demand of freshness of approach in a discerning eye which ripens through exposure and belief in one's own earliest naïve response.

Paintings from Spain by James Jarvaise through March 14 at the Felix landau gallery presents us with such a dilemma canvases are large with flat areas and paint is applied in the loose drip fashion. Figures are facing us not facing us at a three-quarter view. Ghostly figures are silhouetted against richly colored somber backgrounds. Jarvaise one of the leading Southern California painter misses the enigma of Spain in Total or in part. The originality here is in the feeling of expectancy from campus to campus.

The freshness of approach is in the palette of rich colors that although I'm relented two theme and intended meaning are handsome and luminesce in a plenty in a painterly manner.

Man view in landscape 1963 oil on canvas 36" x 36.25, "Boy Sleeping at a table, 1963 oil on canvas 24 8”.75 x 28.75,” and Man from Toledo 1963 oil on campus 60" x 50," are the most successful.